Setting up LLVM

Horatiu Prica Horatiu April 28, 2020

After installing Clang Power Tools the most important step is to set up the LLVM version you want to use to Compile, Format, and Tidy your code.

Fortunately, the entire configuration process is streamlined thanks to our built-in LLVM version manager which allows you to download and install multiple versions side-by-side.

💡 See how to Get started with Clang Power Tools.

Using the LLVM version manager

To access the LLVM version manager is quite easy.

  1. Go to Clang Power Tools SettingsSettings Toolbar - Clang Power Tools
  2. Open the LLVM tabLLVM manager

As you can see in the image above any previous versions are automatically detected, all you have to do now is to select what new version you want to install.

After pressing Download the process begins to download and install the selected LLVM.

LLVM download

Managing LLVM versions

Now that you have multiple versions of LLVM installed all you have to do is select from the Use LLVM drop-down which version you want Clang Power Tools to use.

💡 Versions can be uninstalled at any time by pressing the Uninstall button.

Clang Format Editor

You are now ready to use Clang Power Tools as well as to begin experimenting with different LLVM versions.