Features and Functionality


1 year later @ CppCon 2018

Bellevue/WA, US

“Better Tools in Your Clang Toolbox”

C++ Weekly with Jason Turner

featuring Clang Power Tools

Ep 101 - “Learning Modern C++”: The Tools

Ep 102 - “Learning Modern C++”: Hello World

Ep 103 - “Learning Modern C++”: Inheritance

Ep 104 - “Learning Modern C++”: const and constexpr

Ep 105 - “Learning Modern C++”: Looping and Algorithms

Community build-up @ Meeting C++

Berlin, 2017

“Clang Power Tools: More Clang-tidy Magic”

Official launch @ CppCon 2017

Bellevue/WA, US

“Bringing Clang-tidy Magic to Visual Studio C++ Developers”


CppCast interview with Victor Ciura, about Clang Power Tools

Nov 30th, 2017

Hosts: Rob Irving and Jason Turner

Available at CPP Cast