Bringing clang-tidy magic to Visual Studio C++ developers

Clang Power Tools is a Visual Studio extension helping C++ developers modernize and transform their code to C++11/14/17 standards by using LLVM's static analyzer and CppCoreGuidelines

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Quick access from anywhere in Visual Studio

Easily run the Clang Power Tools commands where you need them.

Powerful clang-tidy and clang-analyzer checks

Perform large scale refactorings, called modernizers.

Retrofit important C++17 features to your old code, increasing ease of reading, safety, and code performance

Clang format your code

Effortlessly clang-format your code with just a few clicks.

Experiment with different LLVM versions

Quickly install side-by-side multiple LLVM versions and select which one you want to use.

Love to fine tune your tools? Us too!

The extension can be configured from the standard Visual Studio options panel.

Customize the tool’s behavior, as well as the clang++ compilation flags, checks, clang-tidy and even more.

Built-in support for clang-format

Auto-format source file on save, configurable style options, file extension rules, etc.

PowerShell script (for CI / automation)

Script Up


  • Visual Studio 2015 / 2017 / 2019
  • LLVM for Windows
  • Windows 7: Download and install at least PowerShell 3.0 2


If you have any suggestions or feedback about Clang Power Tools, or if you encounter any issues with your projects, please submit here.

  1. We will automatically load Clang from the default installation path "C:\Program Files\LLVM". If you prefer to use a different location you must manually add the bin folder to %PATH%.
  2. Already available on Windows 10