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Clang Power Tools

Bringing clang-tidy magic to Visual Studio C++ developers

Clang Power Tools is a free Visual Studio extension helping Visual Studio C++ developers leverage Clang/LLVM tools (clang++, clang-tidy and clang-format), in order to perform various code transformations and fixes like modernizing code to C++11/14/17 and finding subtle latent bugs with its static analyzer and CppCoreGuidelines checks.


Install this extension from Visual Studio Marketplace

Works with Visual Studio 2015 / 2017 / 2019

Version History

Release Notes

How Clang Power Tools came to be: About


🎞️ Video Showcase

πŸ“œ Poster CppCon 2018 - Retrofit C++17 to large Visual Studio codebases

Quick tab access

Toolbar menu

File select context-menu

The extension can be configured via the standard Visual Studio options panel.
Tools > Options > Clang Power Tools
You can customize the tool behavior as well as the clang++ compilation flags, clang-tidy checks, etc.


A list of available checks that clang-tidy can perform:

Predefined clang-tidy checks ClangPowerTools

Custom clang-tidy wildcard checks


πŸ†• Built-in support for clang-format
Auto-format source file on save, configurable style options, file extension rules, etc.

PowerShell script (for CI / automation):


Visual Studio 2015 / 2017 / 2019

Download and install Clang for Windows (LLVM pre-built binary)

We will automatically load clang from the default installation path C:\Program Files\LLVM. If you prefer to use a different location you must manually add the bin folder to PATH.

Windows 7: Download and install at least PowerShell 3.0 (already available on Windows 10)

Tips / FAQ

Tips and Frequently asked questions


If you have any suggestions or feedback about Clang Power Tools, or if you encounter any issues with your projects, please submit here.

We’re excited to hear about your experience using Clang Power Tools.